The way we fight poverty has evolved.

An important part of Opportunity’s impact is long-term sustainability. But we have recently begun to question what sustainability looks like for families that are living on the margins, who lack access to even basic necessities.

In this month’s blog, Dan Murray looks at the impact of microfinance in the lives of those families living in ultra-poverty. He writes about our new program in Haiti, Pathway To A Better life, and the way it serves those who are most vulnerable. 

For all the parents out there trying to keep their kids engaged, we are thrilled to announce a new MarketDay At Home Curriculum for kids! Download the workbooks to get started with your kids at any time, and don’t forget to share what you come up with!

In other good news, there was a new addition to the team in April! We were pleased to welcome Ute Rehill as the Director of Philanthropy for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We look forward to all the great things she will bring to the team!

With JOY!

Doris Olafsen
Vice President Philanthropy